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L.E.O’s Biography
Houston, Texas is the birthplace of L.E.O (born Ricky Johnson Jr.) on August 16th, 1995. Although his mother and father were never married, both of his parents and their respective families played an integral part in his life. During his early childhood, L.E.O watched his mother hold two jobs in order to move her family out of a neighborhood that slowly became overwhelmed with violence, drug use, and gang related activities in Southwest Houston. L.E.O’s mother provided him with a more suitable area to experience a pleasant childhood after moving to the west side of Houston. Between his father, uncle and extended family members also involved in the world of music, L.E.O was unknowingly gaining knowledge and a passion for the music world which has led to the Hip-Hop artist he is today.

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L.E.O released his debut mixtape Look No Further. He hopes his debut project will catch the ears of music lovers to bring a different buzz to the Hip-Hop scene in Houston.

L.E.O released his first music video for his track "Inspiration" on July 1st, 2016. View above and make sure to subscribe to L.E.O's YouTube channel!

The second installment in the 2nd Nature video series entitled "16 For 16" was released by L.E.O on July 25th, 2016. The "16 For 16" ​series looks to highlight the lyrical abilities of the members of 2nd Nature. No instrumentals, no video vixens, just BARS. View above and make sure to subscribe to L.E.O's YouTube channel!

 did a feature on L.E.O on August 1st, 2016 entitled "7 Dope Facts". L.E.O was asked seven questions in order to give the readers and fans seven dope facts about himself that may not have been previously known. Click here or the image above to check it out!


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